My family and I live in the outskirt of Vancouver, WA. and we are on 2 and half acres of land. When we moved here in 2005, Tex joined our family as well, and life was never the same. There is not enough ink or space for me to describe the joy that a Bernese Mountain Dog brings into a family and Tex was a very special dog.  Since than we have now 5 Bernese Mountain Dogs and we became a small hobby kennel. Our dogs are family members, we do not have cages or separate areas or buildings for them, they go where we go, among which: dog shows, carting events, 4H fun matches and classes, camping, lake excursions, boy scouts parades and fund raisers, functions of every kind and more. We strive to get the best quality of dogs that we can, and are very selective when it comes to reproduction. I do all the required health testings as this is a priority to me, and also  I keep documenting myself, on exercise, nutrition, supplements, and etc. so that I can be a better owner. Our home is open to anyone that wants to learn about this wonderful breed and wants to come and meet our dogs.
In 2005 when people would ask me about Tex and the breed in general, a recurring phrase kept coming to mind...and almost 10 years later this phrase is still my main motto in how I see this relationship....:
"It is an honor and an absolute privilege to share our lives with the majestic Bernese Mountain Dogs."
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